The Evil King Caries,

Leader of the Tooth Trolls has Kidnapped the Tooth Fairy and it is up to a Small Hero to Save Her!

Walk, Run, Jump, Eat and Swing and Shoot Tooth Paste through Caries Forest, Caries Town and King Caries Lair while Listening to some Really Catchy Tunes!

Halloween Update 1.08 Available Now

New Levels, New Monsters and More Collectables!

Defeat King Caries!

Save the Tooth Fairy!

  • A Super Toothy, 2D, Musically Induced, Action, with a little Adventure, Platformer Game, Inspired by Retro Classics from Before.

  • 13 Action Packed Levels

  • All Kinds of Hand Animated 2D Sprite Characters, Ranging From Peter Pizzas to Sally Sausages to Pumpkins and FrankenTooth

  • Jump and Eat Those Foods to Survive(what are you gonna do? A tooth has to eat...)

  • Use the Tooth Paste and Floss Whip to Help You Traverse the Dangerous Lands of King Caries

  • Pimp Your Tooth, Find Items Throughout the Game to Make Your Tooth Look "Kewl"

  • All Original Orchestral and Chip-Tune Soundtrack by Max Robert: "Where Video Game Blipp Blopp Chip-Tune Meets Orchestra."

Out now on Steam!